Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Maintaining your septic tank

Do you know where your septic tank? Ok, you can point to a property box and say, "Yes, there" with a hint of non-certainty. The next question is perhaps more important than the one just asked. Do you know where the cover of the septic tank? He also scratching their heads?

Septic tanks are buried by their very nature, sometimes three feet or deeper. View of the mind so to speak. But this is not necessarily a good thing. There comes a time when the septic tank is starting to show problems and needs maintenance / repair and the tank must be pumped. Have a general idea that the location of the tank, it is easier, much more difficult.

There are two ways to solve this problem, and a way to ensure that in future there will be no problem. First, let's look at the cover, you will find that the septic tank, if you do not know where you are. You can not dig a septic tank pumping to do. Do it yourself is tedious and not very entertaining. Once the service is not expensive at the pump.

Usually, it happens that way. You hired someone to dig until you find the top of the septic tank. This is usually the easiest part of the process. Once you find the top of the tank, then you need to find shelter. This involves digging a hole in the initial outside in concentric circles until you reach the door. If you find the door now is the time to solve the problem by installing high.

A septic tank is essentially a large high-end tube that extends over the lid of the container to the surface of the earth. After the installation is quick access to the septic tank, which is always easy to find problems, or be pumped.

Three basic types of risers are available, concrete, PVC and polyethylene.

Although the concrete trucks are generally less expensive, it is not the best choice. A concrete riser and can be difficult, heavy machinery to lift and install it. It is also more likely to flee, the other materials and can be a problem with rust, if the reinforcing steel used to reinforce concrete.

PVC and polyethylene strap is lightweight and easy to install. They resist corrosion and, of course, does not rust. It also includes a gasket to keep water from entering the canal and prevent gas escape hole in a door. Rising costs of both types of risers is worth it. They are virtually maintenance free, and easy to take the life of the entire septic system.

All septic tanks need a take-off and in many places, it is now a code requirement. If you do not, it would be that something goes wrong with a built in front of the septic tank. Quick access to the tank is a first step in diagnosing problems .

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